UFT88 Read at KTH Stockholm and Japanese National Defense Academy (NDA)

KTH is ranked 104 in the world by QS, 176 by Webometrics, 187 by Times and 201 – 300 by Shanghai. It was established in 1827 and has 14,500 students. It has produced the Nobel Laureates Hannes Alfven and Kai Siegbahn. The National Defence Academy of Japan was founded in 1953. A survey of UFT88 is attached, showing that it has been consulted in several hundred of the world’s leading universities, and accepted overwhelmingly. It is a classic read around the world. It changes the second Bianchi identity completely into the JCE identity of UFT313. UFT99 shows that if torsion is omitted, curvature also vanishes. The Einstein field equation is based directly on the torsionless 1902 second Bianchi identity. The various failures of the Einstein field equation are detailed in the UFT series of papers and books.


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