Section 3 of UFT 433

This Section 3 is full of interest as usual and initiates the numerical solution of the wave equation in m space, using wavefunctions of modified Bessel type. It is shown that there are similarities to the radial part of the Schroedinger wavefunction. In the H atom these are related to the modified Laguerre polynomials. The overall aim is to show that the energy levels of the elementary particles in nature emerge from a choice of m(r) for any given nucleon interaction. For example a neutron proton interaction taking place through the nuclear strong field gives pions, rho mesons and omega mesons. The charged pions are degenerate and have different energies from the neutral pion. The charged and neutral rho mesons are almost degenerate, and the neutral omega mesons are also degenerate. This is an excellent start.


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