434(4): Unification of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics with m Theory

The unification is achieved with the de Broglie / Einstein equations in m space, Eqs. (25) and (26). One of many consequencies is that the synthesis of photons with mass and particles results as a consequence of the m space and m(r) function, defined by the infinitesimal line element (1). So this is an explanation of why so many elementary particles can be observed. In early UFT papers this type of unification was achieved using the ECE wave equation and the tetrad postulate. The standard model has failed to provide any satisfactory unification of this type. The existence of the photon with mass was proven from the inverse Faraday effect in 1991, through the B(3) field, nominated several times for a Nobel Prize, and recognized with a Civil List Pension.


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