The Understanding of ECE, ECE2 and m(r) Theories

In a recent informal discussion between Horst Eckardt, Douglas Lindstrom Stephen Bannister it was concluded that that the deep understanding of these theories is permeating throughout the scientific world, the blotting paper process. The theories are based on very simple equations, the first Maurer Cartan structure relation: T = D ^ q; the second structure relation R = D ^ omega; the Cartan identity D ^ T = R ^ q, its Hodge dual in four dimensions; and the tetrad postulate. The Cartan identity is the first Bianchi identity R ^ q =0 corrected with torsion. The second Bianchi identity was corrected for torsion in UFT88, giving the Jacobi Cartan Evans identity of UFT313. These are all equations of standard Cartan geometry, used everywhere by everyone, for example Sean Carroll. The early conspiracy to destroy ECE theory, involving Lakhtakia, Bruhn, Rodrigues and ‘t Hooft has been dismissed out of hand by scientists all over the world. This was an evil conspiracy which was motivated by crude animosity. It attacked geometry, which is metaphorically equivalent to attacking the Pythagoras Theorem because they did not like Pythagoras. The conspiracy degenerated into psychopathic criminality, the “Fruitcake File”. This episode has shredded the credibility of that part of Wikipedia in which out of control moderators such as Lakhtakia used Wikipedia to try to destroy my career.

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