431(6): The m Theory of the Nuclear Strong Force and Conditions for LENR

Many thanks! Agreed with all these ideas, the U. S. and other Governments have taken out many patents on LENR, and have heavily funded it. So have Mitsubishi heavy industry in Japan. I agree with all your ideas and a demonstration of E Cat by Rossi took place in January. I wonder whether Steve Bannister has any news about this demonstration. The E Cat industrial unit is on sale already, so if it is a fraud or a scam and so on therefore are going to be a lot of very angry customers. However I don’t think for one minute that it is a fraud or a scam. If so all the U. S. Government patents would be worthless. The video you saw was the replication of LENR by leading experimentalists in 2017.

431(6): The m Theory of the Nuclear Strong Force and Conditions for LENR

This is excellent Myron. Exactly what has been missing from the cold fusion debate. Intuitively it makes good sense and is now supported by a rigorous and meticulously checked m-theory. As you say, this does away with the need for some more obscure and unproven ideas in the standard approach (that could not explain cold fusion anyway).

It may well be that Ni64 is a great candidate for optimised cold fusion but there may also be others – including other metals, Rossi mentions palladium, compounds and mixtures (Horst’s group have suggested nickel hydride that is used in rechargeable batteries etc). It would also be interesting to know if external electric fields, for example, could have any influence on the cold fusion process (Ni64, for example, neat or as a compound, dissolved in a conducting aqueous solution with an external electric field applied). It will be surprising if cold fusion does not take place in other situations based on the ideas that are currently emerging.

This will end up in a vast research field once these new energy sources are successfully used widely in living environments.

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