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Many thanks to Steve Bannister! The radiative corrections prove that there is energy in spacetime, and in recent work (UFT226 – UFT230, UFT246 – UFT248, UFT415 to UFT430 on www.aias.us) the radiative corrections and LENR have been explained with a new theory called m theory. UFT430 for example has a remarkable resemblance to the work of Dr. Gullstrom. The seven hundred unified field theory (UFT) papers and books range over all of physics. The main radiative corrections include: the anomalous g factor of electrons and other elementary particles; the Lamb shifts; the Casimir effect and vacuum polarization.

Hello Mats,

Hope you are well.

With the agreement of Professor Evans, and the recommendation of Axel Westrenius, I am forwarding (inline) an email that was sent yesterday to Dr Carl-Oscar Gullström regarding the recent theory paper that Rossi published on ResearchGate https://www.researchgate.net/publication/330601653_E-Cat_SK_and_long_range_particle_interactions.

That paper refers to the Casimir effect and other vacuum polarization effects which require radiative corrections to the Standard Model because they are anomalous observations in that model. (I think I have this correct, if not Myron or Horst jump in and set me right). Such Standard Model anomalies spawned quantum electrodynamics as a field to help explain them.

Very recently Dr. Evans and colleagues have produced a series of papers with a much updated physical theory, referenced below, that obviates the need for quantum electrodynamics explanations in a simplified and elegant fashion, and in fact incorporates radiative corrections into a new standard model of physics so that they are no longer anomalous. The development of this m space theory may have many profound implications.

I wanted to make you aware of these developments as you are a very knowledgeable observer of Rossi and the LENR space. Communicating the importance of having a very modern physics theoretically supporting Rossi’s results is the main purpose of this email to you.

I do not believe we have yet heard back from Gullström, but the referenced papers do require some study.



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