Binding Energies

Binding Energies.

Agreed with this. Walton would have been very interested in low energy nuclear reactors, being a brilliant experimentalist. I did not have a chance to ask him in the Common Room about his views on the bomb, but he later joined the Pugwash movement in Ireland, and as you know, Mansel Davies also joined the Pugwash movement. Walton was invited to join the Manhattan Project, without being given details of what it was, but remained in neutral Ireland and at TCD. He was joking about bike parts, but they had to use cast off parts of other apparatus. At that time the Cavendish was very poor and no one knew where it was in Cambridge. I was offered a lectureship at TCD but as usual refused to leave the EDCL. Similarly Walton refused to leave Ireland after returning there from Cambridge. Ireland has four literature Nobel Laureates: W. B. Yeats, Samuel Beckett, George Bernard Shaw and Seamus Heaney (Famous Seamus). Between us, the late R. S. Thomas and I have been nominated maybe about a dozen times. The AIAS / UPITEC group now has more than fifty nominations for the big awards and is the intellectual leader of avant garde physics. I like radical and new ideas, in both literature and science.

They probably chose nickel on basis of nuclear binding energies. There is, of course, a peak at iron-56 on the nuclear binding energy curve

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