Copper Produced in LENR

Many thanks indeed! I have put in a pre order for the domestic unit, and as soon as it is ready I will find out how much it costs. Have you any idea of the cost? I certainly intend to buy one and see how it heats up the house here. This is the first nuclear reactor in Craig Cefn Parc. In further notes for UFT431 I intend to summarize previous LENR theory and extend Note 431(1), which shows that a small amount of m space energy can be amplified to an essentially infinite attractive force. As you know, Horst has already graphed and distributed this result. The theory can be extended and correlated with inelastic scattering theory. Low energy nuclear reactions are transmutation processes as you know, nickel plus proton is transmuted to copper plus energy plus visible radiation plus other products. There is no need to use an atom smasher and no gamma rays are emitted. It seems highly likely that visible and ultra violet frequency radiation is emitted from vapourized nickel. As you know, mega electron volts of binding energy are released. The m theory understands LENR very straightforwardly from the nature of space itself. LENR is no longer “controversial” as they say, more and more in desperation. The conditions under which m space resonance occurs (UFT417 and UFT430) are found by the experimenter empirically at present. In other words any random mixture of nickel powder and hydrogen obviously will not work, it must be just the right mixture as you know at Magnetic Miles. The industrial unit has obtained its safety certificate, meaning that no gamma rays are emitted. The LENR process is not fusion, as originally thought by Pons and Fleischmann, but they were on the right track. They were treated in a very bad way by the luddites, and should be commemorated.

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This is an excerpt from the Leonardo Corporation website (see link at bottom below) indicating copper is a reaction product (bold red font in item 3 below) –

To summarize – ECAT technology is based on LENR which is far superior in comparison to all existing energy sources:

1. Superior Energy Density: LENR has an energy density that is a factor 100,000-10,000,000 times greater than today’s combustion processes (Oil, Coal, Natural Gas) and reportedly higher than today’s commercial fission.

2. Green and Safe: LENR is 100% green and carbon free. LENR is a nuclear reaction, however it does not require uranium/plutonium, has no nuclear byproducts, and has no harmful effects or safety issues like fission energy.

3. Limitless: The current fuel for LENR, nickel + hydrogen, is nearly limitless, and are among the most available elements in the earth. No combustion process takes place, instead the hydrogen is merged with nickel, which is transmuted to form copper + energy. LENR also appears possible using metals other than Nickel such as Palladium for instance.

4. Cheap, Small and Scalable: The forthcoming LENR devices are all very cost efficient. They are small, easy to manufacture/operate, highly efficient and reliable, with no moving parts and requiring only the replacement of a LENR fuel cartridge every 6 months or so.

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