E-Cat theory

Since Steve Bannister knows him well, he could perhaps forward my e mail of yesterday to Uppsala to KTH. There have been many consultations of www.aias.us over the years from both KTH and Uppsala, indeed all the main Scandinavian universities. I would be glad to e mail Dr Lewan myself.

E-Cat theory

That is an excellent idea, Axel. Myron, your choice in who should reach
out to him.


Stephen C. Bannister, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Economics
Director, MIAGE
Associate Director, Economic Evaluation Unit, Macroeconomics
University of Utah
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On 2/11/2019 3:04 PM, Axel Westrenius wrote:
> I thought it might be a good idea to also keep Mats Lewan informed about theory progress. He is the ‘Swedish Connection’ in this and the main promoter of the ‘events’. He is personally close to Rossi, perhaps due to the fact that he is fluent in Italian. His wife is Italian. Lewan is a ‘Science Journalist’ and holds an MSc in Engineering Physics at KTH.
> I think you Steve know him quite well.
> Axel

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