LENR papers on www.aias.us

Dr Carl-Oscar Gullstrom,
Physics Department,
University of Uppsala,

Dear Dr Gullstrom, Prof Steve Bannister of the University of Utah has asked me to point out the LENR papers on www.aias.us and www.upitec.org, they are UFT226 – UFT230, and UFT246 – UFT248, together with the m theory papers UFT415 to UFT430. In UFT430 the Casimir force and vacuum polarization are discussed, so it would be interesting to compare our theory with yours. I have just ordered a domestic LENR unit, keep up the good work! Dr. Horst Eckardt and myself have produced several explanations for LENR in m theory, and in previous papers we worked with Dr. Douglas Lindstrom.

Myron Evans
(Dr. M. W. Evans, www.aias.us)

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