Full Support for Rossi’s Efforts

As a Civil List Pensioner appointed by the British Head of State and Parliament directly, I support Rossi’s efforts wholeheartedly, and the m theory shows clearly how it works. It is imperative that new sources of energy be found in an emergency effort, wind turbines are a useless waste of time. I support all of these imaginative and hard working colleagues. Millions die of starvation every year, and new energy devices could be distributed en masse to the poor parts of the world by the United Nations. Scepticism is a healthy thing, indeed essential for progress, but in science scepticism must be based on logic and experiment. I cannot understand the lurking luddite mentality, which exists in the dark, bile ridden, recesses of the anonymous underworld of the internet. It is as if these selfish and unpleasant dogmatists want millions to die of starvation. The industrial E Cat is available at $1.5 million and orders are coming in. It does indeed transmute nickel to copper through a completely new process, now understood with a completely new m theory. The transmutation is caused by the nature of m space itself, nothing could be simpler or more important. The people ordering E Cat plants cannot all be idiots, they are in fact professional industrialists interested in a promising new technology. What is wrong with that? I waited a long time before starting to develop a theory of LENR, to make sure that it was reproducible, repeatable and feasible. I am very sceptical of standard physics, along with millions of my followers in two hundred countries, but I do not indulge in cowardly and illegal abuse while hiding behind anonymity, I do not threaten, abuse and insult the standard physics colleagues, I present my thoughts in papers, along with the colleagues of the new physics, and one cannot stop the march of ideas.

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