Yes I can give him the website address and point out the relevant papers, UFT226 to UFT230 and UFT246 to UFT248, together with the m theory papers UFT415 to UFT430 to date. He uses the same ideas about the Casimir force and vacuum polarization. These have just been discussed in UFT430. He is a Ph. D. student in physics at Uppsala.

cc Karl Oscar Gullstrom carl-oscar-gullstrom

Hello Myron, Horst,

I think that Gullström may be the lead Rossi theorist; would it make sense to forward the relevant set of UFT papers to him when we are ready?


Stephen C. Bannister, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Economics Director, MIAGE Associate Director, Economic Evaluation Unit, Macroeconomics University of Utah Open calendar at:

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Many thanks to Axel Westrenius! We have effectively been working along the same lines with m theory, it is a matter of matching the two approaches and fine tuning m(r) as in Horst’s note of yesterday. I have read about the Stockholm conference on LENR and found that the device generated too much heat. It is blazingly obvious that heat is produced. These problems have now been brought under control and anyone can order an industrial E Cat from Leonardo Company in Florida. The domestic E cat awaits a safety certificate but pre orders can be placed. Any good chemist can find traces of copper, which should be a product of the zinc / proton nuclear fission, along with a vast amount of binding energy released as heat and light, and other fission by products, but no gamma rays. Obviously gamma rays would be very harmful. Intense visible frequency radiation is produced.

Carl-Oscar Gullström has also been involved.


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Many thanks, I will study it now. There should be traces of copper after nickel has reacted with hydrogen.

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