Comments on the Rossi et al. Paper on E Cat in Research Gate (2019)

I cannot post this on the blog for copyright reasons, but I have read through it and distributed it to the group for its comments. They set up a spectrometer to view the E Cat reactor. The theory is essentially that of the Casimir effect, vacuum polarization and related concepts developed in the now obsolete language of quantum electrodynamics. Therefore Rossi’s theory is remarkably similar to the m theory we have just been developing, and which has just shown that m space energy can be amplified so that nuclear reaction occurs. The Casimir effect of m theory allows this to happen. The AIAS / UPITEC group could try to induce a low energy nuclear reaction of the E Cat type by using nickel powder and hydrogen. A few group members could order an E Cat when the domestic unit becomes available, to test its performance. However I assume that the reverse engineering of E Cat is unlawful, i.e. buying a unit and taking it apart to see how it works is unlawful because the company retains ownership of all rights and sells only the heat. Experiments must begin anew at AIAS / UPITEC to try to reproduce it independently. In the meantime m theory can be matched with the theory of this paper. In any case Magnetic MiIes could probably construct a device similar to E Cat and look for traces of copper. They already have the expertise. I should think that traces of copper have already been found and I can hunt this down on the net.

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