Wales Online Report of 2007 on the Activities of I. Richard

Richard has already faded into almost complete obscurity but this report can be found by googling “Ioan Richard”. In 2007 Richard threatened to disrupt Swansea County Council because he was facing a pay cut from £21,601 to £11,940. In an e mail sent to some Councillors Richard complained bitterly about loss of income and proposed a scheme to sabotage each committee meeting by moving an election for a new chair and deputy chair each time. The e mail mentions: “Trench warfare – are you up for it? I am seriously in favour of it!!!! … I know I am going to seriously miss my chairman’s allowance as my pension is very small. Otherwise I will have to go back to casual supply teaching.” He also claimed dole over the summer months for this casual supply teaching. He was next in line for Mayor in 2007 (merely because of longevity) but was not elected Mayor for several years. In 2011 the Mawr audit scandal broke and in 2015 Mawr Community Council (MCC) was severely reprimanded again. As Squire or Armiger I don’t think that a person like this should ever have been allowed to become an electoral candidate after having tried to disrupt the Council for his own monetary gain. This is misconduct. In the audit reports he was severely criticized and described as having no credibility by the Auditor of the Welsh Assembly . Recently one of his anonymous cronies falsely accused the Chair of MCC, Linda Frame, and myself of organizing heckling. This was immediately denied by the Clerk, and perhaps he meant that my criticisms of Richard were hitting home. He has attacked the Welsh language paper “Llais” just because it wrote an article about me. So he has no interest at all in the Welsh language. He has recently sent my colleague an e mail calling himself The Green Man, and falsely asserting that libel is a criminal offence. His plans for housing on MA008 (his own land) failed. He has tried to prevent the publication of my autobiography because of its description of how my first wife was subjected by a developer to a verbal common assault which badly frightened her. He wrote to my publishers and was ignored. After that assault we had to leave for the safety of the United States. From talking to several aggrieved people here, Richard is deeply disliked not only here but as far away as Meirionydd after his attacks on the Plaid Cymru M. P. there. In his tenure of forty years (far too long), no new industry was created in Mawr, and the Welsh language was almost completely destroyed. We now find that Richard was interested only in his own pocket money. I think that the tenure of a County Councillor should be restricted to a maximum of two terms, and I think that the electoral system should be completely reformed. All representatives in Wales must be rigorously fluent in Welsh and planning must not be in the hands of County Councillors.

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