No interest in Fruitcake

From and it is easy for anyone to see that fruitcake generates instant revulsion all over the world because there is no interest in it. After nineteen years of ugly abuse the site is shunned worldwide. The site shows that it is not ranked anywhere after nineteen years. It was launched on March 3rd 2000 and has viciously attacked scientists and general public alike. Fruitcake generates about one or two views a month according to semrush. It has no indexed pages, indicating that it may have been banned in the past, or suffered a penalty. It is a demented site that turns out scientific garbage and mountains of bile. The owners have been afraid to reveal themselves for nineteen years. One can just imagine a scientific conference in which lunatics hidden behind a screen pour buckets of bile all over the conference using a special stinker sprinkler. The owners are grossly incompetent scientifically and cannot deal with a scientific equation. In the meantime combined sites and have generated about forty five million hits since 2003 in all the countries and territories of the world, and in all of the world’s top twenty universities. The South Wales Commissioner again indicated yesterday that the site should be reported to the police again following another thinly veiled death threat.

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