Fwd: 431(3): The m theory of E Cat

Discussion of E Cat Many thanks to Prof Steve Bannister, University of Utah. The idea in Note 413(3) works on a kind of resonance. The initial input of energy from spacetime can be very small, as in the radiative corrections, but the resulting force from m space is amplified to infinity under the condition 2m(r) = rdm(r) / dr. This is made possible by considering the m(r) function of the most general spherically symmetric space (which I call m space). Horst developed this resonance condition in UFT417 and UFT430. So there is no longer any need for quantum tunneling. The mystery of how p can fuse with a nickel nucleus in the laboratory has been answered by m theory. The experimenter comes across the resonance condition by trial and error at present. However, it may be possible to engineer the condition in some way. Spin connection resonance also works by Euler Bernoulli resonance, and was greatly developed in the Eckardt / Lindstrom papers. As you know, the San Francisco Bay Bridge was destroyed by resonance, so they had to strengthen its cross supports and make it aerodynamic.

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