FOR POSTING : Relation to Llywelyn Goch (Court Poet)(circa 1350 / 1360 – 1390)

Our mutual ancestor is Hywel Dda King of Deheubarth (887 – 950) Hywel the Good, who introduced the laws of Hywel Dda, still preferred today to the imposed Anglo Norman laws. The Anglo Norman oppression of Wales is more and more deeply resented. Llywelyn Goch was descended from Maredudd ab Owain ap Hywel Dda (938 – 999), Clodforusaf Brenin y Brytaniaid, Most Glorious King of the Britons, Brenin Deheubarth. The Tudor Dynasty and myself are descended from his younger brother Einion ab Owain (933 – 984) ap Hywel Dda. Llywelyn Goch was also descended from Gruffudd ap Cynan, Brenin Gwynedd and Owain Gwynedd, Brenin Gwynedd. Llywelyn Goch was married in an arranged marriage in all probability to Tangwystl ferch Adda ap Llowdden, but his mistress and true love was Lleucu Llwyd (Lucy Lloyd). They were both from a part of Meirionydd north of the Dyfi. The profound shock of her sudden loss comes through with great power in “Marwnad Lleucu Llwyd”. I will try to do justice to this great work in a translation. All the young people from the fourteenth century onwards wanted to hear this Marwnad, and it was copied out in many pamphlets for those few who could read . Llywelyn Goch and other bards would have recited it, of course, from memory, using the bardic technique of powerful narration, used subsconsciously perhaps by Dylan Thomas and of course by the great ministers from the pulpits of all denominations in Wales. Llywelyn lived to be only thirty or forty years old. Very little is known about him apart from his work.

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