Yn anffodus bu farw Huw Griffiths Craig Cefn Parc ac Alun Rees Craig Cefn Parc. Ysgrifenais gofiant i Huw ar blog www.aias.us a www.upitec.com, www.myronevans.wordpress.com. Fy nghyfellion o Gwmgors oedd Leighton Carter a Lyn Renowden Evans, o Felindre, Neville Arrowsmith, o Garnswllt Eifion Wyn Jeffries, Alan Walters a Gerald Cox. Huw Griffiths and Alun Rees, both of Craigcefnparc, died recently. Huw Griffiths is commemorated in my Autobiography volume one. We both attended Craig Cefn Parc Primary and started at the Grammar School in September 1961. On the last day at the school in 1968 we decided to walk back to Craig Cefn Parc over Gellionnen. The community has deteriorated so badly here that I do not know when they died. I was given the news by Dylan Thomas at his garage. Eifion Wyn is also commemorated in Autobiography volume one. He was named of course after the great bard Eifion Wyn. As the Pontardawe former pupils probably know, he was killed on the school field in a terrible cricket accident. Lyn Evans, Leighton Carter and I attended the funeral in Garnswllt, and I describe this in the autobiography, a very harrowing experience because his mother was severely distressed as we can all imagine and she hung on to me as if I were her lost son. We were about thirteen or fourteen years old. She died recently and is buried in the same grave as Eifion Wyn. The only teacher who attended was the chemistry / R. I. teacher, who was greatly conscience stricken because just before Eifion Wyn was killed, he had given him an angry reprimand. This was not his fault. Eifion Wyn was in the same class as Huw and myself, the class of 1961 – 1968 which included Mary Hopkin and Dai Daniels. Eifion Wyn once got – 10% in an exam, nothing for the exam, and 10 marks off for talking. They were all fluent Welsh speakers in the rare Felindre and Garnswllt dialects. In the valley the language is holding up fairly well because of Welsh language schools. Eic Davies and Huw Llywelyn Davies of Cwmgors did a tremendous amount of good work for the language as we all know. Recently I put a few lines of my translation of Marwnad Lleucu Llwyd on the blog, read in 194 countries. This is a powerful work, written by my ancestral cousin Llywelyn Goch in the fourteenth century, and serves as a memorial for our former pupils who are no longer with us. There is a memorial for them written by Dai Daniels and myself on www.aias.us, kindly posted by Dave Burleigh. It is all important to keep the Welsh language alive, and a maximum all out effort is needed. My own dialect is of course that of Craig Cefn Parc. I am glad to see that there is someone from UCL on the list. I am sometime Ramsay Memorial Fellow of UCL, one of the world’s top twenty universities. The Swansea County Council has a stupid and hostile, anti cultural policy of closing village schools, and I have written an online petition for three Welsh speaking schools in Mawr this is featured on www.aias.us. I am just about to found the Myron Evans Charitable Trust which would ultimately reopen three Welsh speaking schools in Mawr. This might take a long time, but it can be done. Small Welsh speaking schools should be founded all over Wales, in the manner of Gruffudd Jones, Llanddowror. Only full and complete independence for Wales will protect the Welsh language, the London Government is known to be very hostile to the People of Wales, and as a U. S. citizen, I can recognize colonialism. The London Government should be subject to U. N. Sanctions and taken to Court for breach of human rights.

Myron Evans, Uchelwr, Armiger or Squire, Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. (Wales)
www.aias.us, www.upitec.org, www.drmyronevans.wordpress.com

On Fri, Feb 8, 2019 at 1:36 PM John Davies <jppdavies999> wrote:

Hi All
Just a reminder of this years get-together. Just 50 days away. It looks as if Cwmgorse will be well represented.

So urge your best friends to come along and have a great day together. And if some those friends happened to attended Ystalyfera GS that will be no problem.

30th March 2019 from around 13:00 hrs onwards at the Gatekeeper in Westgate Street, Cardiff. Just opposite the Stadium and a short walk from the station

See you all on the big day

John Davies

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