431(3): The m theory of E Cat

Agreed, I am looking forward to seeing the E Cat domestic unit in action here, and to compare its cost with other forms of heating. The m theory of the radiative corrections was developed in preparation for the m theory of E Cat. I am on a waiting list of prospective buyers of the unit. You may also have met Walton at TCD, I met him in its Senior Common Room, which seemed to me to be very luxurious, with lavish food and coffee, piles of newspapers, luxurious chairs and a big fire. Walton came in to the College after retirement, and was a witty kind of character, no trace of any arrogance. There is a photograph of Rutherford, Cockcroft and Walton on the net. Of course he was joking when he said they stole bike parts, or maybe not. This is because Rutherford expected all the group to build its own apparatus and blow its own glassware, no big grants at all.

431(3): The m theory of E Cat

Copper has two naturally occuring isotopes (63 and 65, 63 is the most abundant). So, copper 63 is stable and a non-radioactive isotope. It will not harm the environment in the way that many other fission products can. Obviously it is important to emphasise this.

The release of intense visible light is also interesting and potentially useful if it could be safely harnessed.

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