The m Theory of E Cat

This will be the subject of the next note 431(3). In E Cat a hydrogen nucleus (proton, p) is driven into a nickel (Ni) nucleus by the force of m space introduced in UFT417. The force must be attractive, (negative valued), and must be large enough to overcome the repulsion between Ni and p. In m theory the force becomes enormous under the condition rdm(r)/dr = 2 m(r) introduced in UFT417 ff. This enormous force can be generated by a small amount of catalyzing total relativistic energy of m space, E = h bar omega = gamma m(r) m c squared. So a small catalyzing energy h bar omega can generate an enormous attractive force between Ni and p, and they fuse and then break apart with release of enormous energy. This is observed as heat and light, exactly as in the Los Alamos bomb, but in LENR there is no chain reaction. However the heat has been observed to melt containers, and the light is so bright that it can only be observed with dark glasses. So it is blazingly obvious that low energy nuclear reactors work. The m theory suggests how they work. There is no further need to postulate quantum tunnelling as in UFT227 ff. The fused Ni and p break apart with release of megaelectron volts of energy into Nickel, a positron , and a neutrino. Exactly the same m theory can be used to explain the 1932 Cockcroft Walton experiment of the Rutherford group, where a proton is driven into lithium and the complex breaks apart to give two alpha particles and very large amounts of energy. In the Cockcroft Walton experiment the protons were accelerated in atom smashers, as they were then known, but in m theory the same kind of force is theoretically possible by tuning rdm(r)/dr to 2 m(r). Obviously, no atom smashers are used in E Cat, so the experimental design effectively achieves this tuning by chemical means. The same type of m theory can be used to explain the heavy hadron collider at CERN, or any contemporary atom smasher. Total energy is always conserved. In a fission bomb, neutrons are smashed into uranium 235, to produce other neutrons and a chain reaction, with release of enormous amounts of energy. So any idiot who tries to start a war these days will make the human race extinct within one hour. Oppenheimer tried to tell Truman that he had blood on his hands, but Oppenheimer was thrown out of the Oval Office. So politicians must not be allowed to govern scientists. My Ph. D. supervisor Mansel Davies was a member of Pugwash, and a friend of Bertrand Russell, who organized the Russell Einstein peace manifesto.

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