Source or Catalyser of LENR

The m theory of the radiative corrections has shown that they are due to the m space itself, these are well known phenomena in which material properties are changed by the m space, for example the g factor of the electron and the Casimir force, which was found to be greatly amplified inside the nucleus. So this means that the m force is the catalyzer of the LENR reaction, in which the energy released is delta E = delta m c squared, where delta m is the mass loss. So delta E = (m (original) – m (final)) c squared. This is similar to conventional fission but in LENR any chain reaction seems to be highly inefficient. In 1933 Cockroft and Walton split lithium 7 into alpha particles using protons. Much greater amounts of energy were produced than the proton supplied because the fission releases binding energy. The energy released is in the form of heat and radiation at all frequencies. Total mass and energy are conserved. In m theory this is understood as a change of m(r) function because the rest mass is E = m(r) m c squared. In LENR the catalyst for the reaction is energy from m space. This can cause the Casimir force inside the nucleus to become large enough to break it apart, with release of binding energy, heat and a blinding white light. The experimenter sets the right conditions for LENR to occur. I discussed the original fission experiment of 1933 with Cockcroft at Trinity College Dublin, when he was a Nobel Laureate and an Emeritus Professor and Fellow of TCD. Cockroft said that they had carried out the experiment by stealing bike parts off the Cambridge quads and blowing all the glassware themselves. The key advance in fission was the idea of a chain reaction of fission caused by neutrons. Such chain reaction could be set off in LENR by m space itself. Particle masses in m theory become m(r) functions. So LENR is a radiative correction that can be amplified enormously by the nature of the force from m space. These ideas are missing completely from standard physics. Force from m space was discovered by Horst Eckardt and myself two or three months ago. Cockroft would have accepted these ideas easily. The truly great scientists are not arrogant dogmatists, and Cockfroft was a quiet Irish protestant who was anything but arrogant. The total opposite of an Ian Paisley. Szilard learned of the experiment and developed the first reactor at Chicago with Fermi and others. Szilard wrote a letter to Roosevelt warning of the power of the fission bomb. He allowed it to be signed by Einstein. Both were against the use of the bomb. They thought a warning would be sufficient.

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