Video of Ecat Announcement

Ecat Announcement

Many thanks! I am looking forward to having a domestic units set up at home here. I see from the video that the industrial unit produces enough heat for an entire factory. It seems that the fission produces intense light as well as intense heat, so energy from m space is transformed into both heat and very intense light that can only be looked at through very dark glasses such as those used to look at the sun. This is reminiscent of a fission bomb such as that observed by Oppenheimer et al. at Los Alamos, an intense flash of light so they all wore dark glasses, and of course an enormous explosion which vaporized the test site. However, as you know, there are no radioactive by products in LENR and no danger of any kind. The company, Leonardo Company, sets up the apparatus for the customer as you know, and delivers a new cartridge every six months. In recent papers the force from m space has been derived classically using the Euler Lagrange and Hamilton equations, and the force quantized. Horst has shown that the force can become enormous inside the nucleus. Energy can be converted into heat and light. For example when a positron collides with an electron two gamma ray photons are created by annihilation. These gamma ray photons are not in the visible range of frequencies, but it is clear from experiment that visible radiation is also produced in a conventional fission bomb.


Here is a link to the video that Rossi used for his commercial announcement last week. It should be indexed to several frames showing the plasma inside a camera instrumented E-Cat.

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Note 431(1) : Masses of the Elementary Particles and LENR

I noticed that Rossi describes a bright light in one of his postings, which could only be viewed through very dark glasses. This is similar to the flash of light emitted in a nuclear fission bomb. The energy absorbed from m space has been transformed into both heat and light. This is a good working hypothesis which can be pursued.

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