Comments by GJE: Masses of the Elementary Particles and LENR

Many thanks to Co President Gareth Evans! I look forward to getting my LENR unit to see how well it works in heating up the house. I am not associated with Leonardo Company in any way, I am just as curious as a cat. The fact that there is energy in the vacuum (now known to be m space) has been known since the twenties. Schroedinger coined the term zitterbewegung (shivering) to describe the effect of the vacuum on an electron. In 1934, Dirac and Heisenberg introduced vacuum polarization, and in 1947 the Lamb shift was observed. These are all famous vacuum effects. The Lamb shift is considered to be one of the most important experimental effects of the twentieth century in physics. Very precise spectroscopy shows that the g factor of the electron is about 1% larger than the Dirac result of two. This is another vacuum effect. It is obvious that these effects involve transfer of energy from the vacuum to an electron. The m theory easily explains all these effects. The LENR unit sitting in a room and heating it up without any mains electricity is a very useful manifestation of vacuum energy. The industrial LENR unit is already available as anyone can see from the Leonardo website. Now I look forward to spacetime circuits being developed into electricity generating units.

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