Latest LENR Technology

This was announced in late January by Leonardo Corporation and is patented worldwide. It produces a far higher energy density than fossil fuels and does not produce any radioactive waste. I have been developing the theory for such devices since about 2006 and the latest note 431(1), distributed this morning, gives a straightforward explanation for them in terms of energy from m space. LENR devices are available from Leonardo Corporation and they give all the specifications. I think that the latest plants gives about a hundred kilowatts of power. That would be enough for a small factory or for a few houses. Obviously, if the plants are commercially available they are reproducible and repeatable. In the ECE2 and m theories they are explained by energy from m space. Total energy / momentum is conserved. LENR will put a lot of obsolete industries out of business. The Leonardo Corporation sets them up and the consumer just pays for the electricity. My colleagues at AIAS / UPITEC are also working on pulsed LENR in Magnetic Miles in Florida.

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