Summary of 2018 on the Blog

This year set a record for postings marked as favourites by the readership, 35% of postings were singled out as being favourites. There were 73,522 views during the year, the second highest number of views in a year since statistics of this type started in 2010. the blog,, is my private diary, and is more broadly cultural than the main site, which is hugely successful and scientific. The blog is also available on For example the blog contains my translation of four lines from Marwnad Lleucu Llwyd (Elegy for Lleucu Llwyd) by my ancestral cousin Llywelyn Goch (1350 – 1390) Meirionydd of the Gwynedd and Powys Royal families. This is a great cywydd, and still famous throughout Wales, the technique of cynghanedd being used so skilfully that one would hardly know it was there except for the fact that every line sings a mournful dirge. Young people of the fourteenth century always wanted to hear this Marwnad. Typically there is interest in this cywydd throughout the world off my blog, which is read in 194 countries. So although people may not be able to understand Welsh, there is a deep sense of profound loss for the language, which is reflected in this timeless elegy. The Pontardawe school photo is also popular, having been viewed 1,300 times or more. I should translate the entire Marwnad (Elegy), because this is an outstanding cywydd. Usually, elegies in those times were formalized, but this one is deeply moving, so Llywelyn Goch must have known Lleucu Llwyd very well and was devastated by her sudden loss. This is why the young people wanted to hear it. It uses a simpler language than or mutual cousin Dafydd ap Gwilym, and this adds to its memorable power. For example:

Nid oes yng Ngwynedd heddiw
Na lloer na llewych na lliw
Er pan rodded, trwydded trwch,
Dan lawr dygn dyn loer degwch.

I scan this with some poetic licence as follows, making no attempt to keep the technique intact except for seven syllables per line.

Today, desolate Gwynedd,
No moon, no light, no colour,
Since pulled into the thick earth,
Moon’s beauty has lain buried.

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