Section 3 of UFT 430

FOR POSTING: Section 3 of UFT430.

This is another incisive and imaginative section 3 by co author Horst Eckardt, with several original and important results. Notably, there is a huge Casimir force inside the nucleus, giving new insights to nuclear and particle physics. As Horst points out, the shell model does not work particularly well for heavy nuclei, and this could be due to the fact that the m function is not accounted for in standard physics. Horst also point out that that m theory results in the existence of an “inner clock” which records time differently. This has an impact on theories of radioactive decay, and indeed on all the particle physics data currently available. These could be reinterpreted and greatly simplified. In particular, quantum chromodynamics can be eliminated from physics and replaced by m theory. QCD has many dubious or dippy or ugly concepts: renormalization, regularization, asymptotic freedom, and so on, as well as virtual particles. The claim to super ultra precision in QCD is even stranger than in QED. Also in this Section 3, the QED of vacuum polarization falls apart, and the wikipedia claim for the Lamb shift gives the wrong result.
This is section 3, containing a lot of discussion about the Lamb shift

and other results. We have truly rapid progress in this field. It will
be interesting to apply m theory to LENR which you are working out now.



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