Internet Safety Day

Today is internet safety day, especially for the protection of vulnerable and sensitive people from vicious, sometime murderous, abusers such as hate bloggers. It is clear that law enforcement is being overwhelmed by inadequate laws, and it is well known that mass thieving of copyrighted material takes place every day. Working with DMCA Ltd. and Internet Removals, I have found that internet providers totally ignore DMCA notices. This is illegal, and results in loss of immunity. The IP is then open to being asked for statutory damages of up to $150,000 per theft, together with a prison sentence. So mass theft of copyrighted material must be punishable by the maximum statutory damages and by the maximum prison sentences. Hate bloggers have actually driven vulnerable people to suicide. That is murder, punishable by life in prison. Hate bloggers and those complicit are driven by their own pitiful inadequacy and stupid arrogance, they are often psychopathic, very devious and deeply vindictive. Anonymity gives them a feeling of power, so that their obnoxious behaviour is amplified, along with their infinitesimal existence. This is similar to the behaviour of people caught in a traffic jam, or the behaviour of skinhead gangs. When caught and charged, they often turn out to be utterly pathetic people. Anonymity does not protect them, their identity can be found by sub poena, and then they can be sued and charged. Anyone complicit in a hate blog is open to statutory damages. The more they thieve, the greater the damages. The general public at present is wide open to psychopathic violence in their living rooms or school classroom.

cc Rt. Hon Alun Michael, Police Commissioner for South Wales,
U. S. Copyright Office, Washington

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