Blog Postings of Oct. 10th 2016 and Dec 30th 2016 on the Newlands Estate

The 1917 map on the Oct. 10th posting shows that one house had been built on Plot 1863b-507 by 1917. This was land leased in 1897 by my great grandfather William Newlands. The map can be zoomed up, and an 800% zoom shows that the frontage in 1917 was 41 feet, compared with 40 feet in the 1897 lease. There was enough land inside 1863b-507 to build this house (50 Rhyddwen Road) in 1926. In 1926 Newlands purchased freehold what is now part of Mountain Road, land adjoining 1863b-507 to the south. My barrister in the Land Tribunal case drew up a conveyance history and records the fact that the 1897 lease indicated land reserved for a road. Newlands bought this land in 1926, and so I reserve the ongoing right to register it in my own name, minus the small wedge of land awarded to the Waters by chain of adverse possession. The garage was built on this road by Cen Williams. I proved that the garage was not built on the land of Mr David Thomas, because a Deed shows this conclusively. The Tribunal concluded that the garage was build on a road. Neither Cen nor Ellis had Deeds to the garage, and never registered the land on which it was built. This is because it was my land. I have the Deed to it. My grandmother inherited the land from William Newlands as part of her half share. I bought the land in 1992. My Deeds are all on the blog.  Ellis’s attempt at registration by adverse possession from me failed. In order to correct Mr. I. Richard, I was not interested in “grabbing” this land, because my Deeds show that I already owned it. So I can register that part of the land that I still own by Deed. My barrister asked Richard what he was doing at the Land Tribunal, and asked Richard what he had against me. Richard mumbled under oath that he had nothing against me. In view of the Green Man episode recorded yesterday, this is untrue, Richard has a lot against me. When I mentioned the criminal damage to my car to the Tribunal, Richard, Cynlais Evans, and others bowed their heads and said nothing. The Tribunal asked for more details of this vicious criminal offence, on which there is no statute of limitations. I refused to be influenced by this crude intimidation. The police made a house to house investigation of this serious crime. Ellis Williams sold four generations of heritage. He did not even know to whom he was selling it.

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