Putting the Record Straight Again

In the six weeks prior to the May 2012 election in Mawr only one posting appeared on my blog about housing development, on April 8th 2012, mentioning the status of MA001, MA007 and MA008. I made many objections to these plans on my blog (read in 194 countries) and no houses have been built in any of these three areas. Specifically, there is no defamation in this so called “purdah” interval of six weeks. Even if there were, purdah comes from the Self Denying Ordinance, which applies only to Civil Servants and similar. I am not a Civil Servant. The Criminal Libel Act of 1819 has been repealed and replaced by the Defamation Act of 2013 in which plaintiff has to prove that serious harm was done by the defamation. Defamation is no longer a criminal offence in any span of time, including “purdah”. The statute of limitation on defamation is twelve months. If a person has not filed an action in twelve months since the date of defamation, then no further action can be taken. Courts expect people to try to settle the matter out of Court. It is known that I. Richard, an obscure and retired local politician, e mailed a member of my staff alleging that I had committed an undefined defamation in an undefined span of time running up to the 2012 Mawr Local Government election. This is an untrue accusation, one of many by Richard. Furthermore, defamation is a tort and not a crime. The police must not involve themselves in defamation cases. Richard further claimed to the AIAS/ UPITEC staff member, behind my back, that he had talked to a senior police officer who agreed with him that defamation is a criminal offence. If so this officer should be severely disciplined. In the 2012 election in Mawr Richard obtained only 295 votes out of an electorate of 1468, (20.10%), but was elected on a creaking and ancient first past the post system. I have asked many times for this system to be replaced by electronic referenda and proportional representation. I protest strongly against this harassment of my staff by Richard, who used the name “Y Dyn Gwyrdd”, “The Green Man” and sent the message via Australia. so he must have got very seasick.

cc Police Commissioner for South Wales.

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