Writing Up UFT430 Sections 1 and 2

This is planned to be on the m theory of the radiative corrections, thereby making quantum electrodynamics and quantum chromodynamics obsolete, and eliminating all the problems of renormalization and regularization, adjustable parameters (unobservable virtual particles) and so forth. The radiative corrections developed in UFT430 are planned to be: the anomalous g of the electron; the Lamb shift; the Casimir effect and vacuum polarization. In UFT429 it has been shown that m theory gives the Lamb shift as precisely as QED, and this result is included in UFT430 for completeness and ease of reference. The radiative corrections are known in standard physics itself as vacuum effects. So there is no violation of conservation of total energy / momentum, charge / current density and other conservation theorems. Horst has suggested a way in to applying m theory to the elementary particle zoo and this could be included in Section 3 of UFT430. In the UFT series so far the radiative corrections have been developed in several different ways. These are self consistent inter alia. UFT430 is however radically new, in that the idea of electron shivering is eliminated. This was named zitterbewegung by Schroedinger. So everything is understood in terms of m space itself. So we finally get rid of all the received wisdom of the latter half of the twentieth century. In line with many theoretical physicists have always that that QED and QCD are what is known in Dublin as a pig’s breakfast. The claimed precision is as mysterious and magical as the Mabinogion or the morning after twenty pints of Guinness. Anyone who has worked at Trinity College Dublin has noticed the stale smell of brewing Guinness wafting over the College. As a non drinker and non smoker I always thought that this was apong for Brownian motion. In the immortal words of Gareth Evans, Coffey was still expleted at mid day, quarking at the students.

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