Section 3 of UFT 429

FOR POSTING: UFT429(3) Section 3

Many thanks, this is another first class Section 3, in which Horst reproduces the Lamb shift exactly by fine tuning the m space. He also discusses the effect of the m space on spin orbit interaction in the H atom. This is all done on a desktop, with great skill, both in computation and graphics. I agree that in the Lamb shift the 2S sub half energy level is increased but 2P sub 1/2 stays the same. The most important result of the note is the first inroad into nuclear theory in m space, showing that the type of m chosen is critically important to nuclear theory, and to low energy nuclear reactions.

Section 3 of UFT 429

I finished section 3. Besides the computation of Lamb shift, I give a
comparison of the range impacted by m(r) with the atomic nucleus
(proton). It is expected that the nuclear structure is heavily impacted
by m theory. This opens another area of research.



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