More Material for Nominators

This can be used for nominations in future. The world record that gives me most pleasure is the number of prestigious Fellowships won in intense and clean open competition at the age when competition is at its fiercest, the post doctoral. The BBC Hall of Fame Group which I led at the Edward Davies Chemical Laboratories in Aberystwyth, also won a team world record of twenty Fellowships (Gareth Evans, Mauro Ferrario and myself). These are listed in the attached. These individual and team world records are unlikely ever be matched, because one such Fellowship is enough for tenure. Also attached is an impact analysis that shows that the Hall of Fame Group blew away the impact of those who ultimately destroyed the EDCL through corruption. The impact analysis also compares my conventional h and g indices with the great physicists and chemists. My website impact blows away my journal impact. This means that once science is democratized and freed of the tyranny of dogmatism, it generates orders of magnitude more interest among the brightest around the world. That is a very good argument for not having systems of physics or systems of chemistry, and for the demolition of smoke filled rooms.



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