The Casimir Force and Casimir Shift in m Theory

This note uses the force of m space of UFT427 to calculate an expectation value of m space force in the hydrogen atom. It is plausible to identify this with the well known Casimir force. The theory predicts the existence of a Casimir shift of the energy levels due to the force of m space. These are further examples of radiative corrections, which in standard physics itself have long been described as vacuum effects. So anyone describing this as perpetual motion is a pseud who learned his physics with Inspector Clouseau. Under condition (15) the Casimir force and shift are amplified to infinity. The concept of Caisimir shift seems to be entirely original, but the Casimir force has been known since 1948 and is well studied experimentally using capacitor plates as is well known. The m theory is a vastly simpler and more powerful theory of the Casimir effects than quantum electrodynamics.


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