FOR POSTING: Essay 123

This is an essay that summarizes the major advances made by m theory in UFT415 to UFT429 in a rapid advance of the past few months. This was greatly helped by the famous and incisive Sections 3 of co author Horst Eckardt, using a desktop computer. If the theory of UFT429 is able to produce the Lamb shift, it would be a triumph of m theory, because the Lamb shift could be explained without having to use the idea of fluctuating electric fields, it would be produced by pure geometry in a much simple way. The m theory is already able to produce the anomalous g factor of the electron to any precision. The radiative corrections are known precisely, and clearly prove the existence of energy from a source outside material matter. This is now known to be m space. If this ubiquitous energy could be amplified to the scale of power stations, it would bring in the second industrial revolution as described by Prof. Steve Bannister of the Department of Economics in the University of Utah in his Thesis on Thanks to Gareth Evans for suggesting this essay.


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