Open Letter to Chair of Mawr Community Council

Can you please confirm that you and I did not “organize hecklers” at Mawr Community Council meetings in order to force I. Richard to resign? This is one of several false accusations posted in the public domain by Richard, now mercifully retired. He also accuses you in public of allowing hecklers to disrupt the Council so it became “a shouting shop” (sic). Shouts were on sale at discount. I was told that there was public uproar against his plans for twenty eight houses, which would have wrecked Craig Cefn Parc with monoglot incomers. I have described this outburst by Richard as stupid nonsense. As Uchelwr and Armiger I am not involved in politics, and I have never attended a Council meeting in my life. It has taken sixty years to apply for double yellow lines, so I prefer my work. There are still no double yellow lines. It could be that someone bought inflatable hecklers from Monsieur le Professeur Jacques Clouseau’s theatrical costumery in Cap d’Antibes, smuggled them into meetings, and pumped them up in the same way as Clouseau’s Quasimodo disguise or the parrot on the one legged Swedish fisherman disguise. They had an automatic heckling device which was activated by helium. They then quacked like parrots. I am sure that you remember all this.

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