Criticism of Mawr Community Council for Housing Dai Morris in Craig Cefn Parc

Dai Morris was given a flat just about fifty yards from here which he used for a campaign of burglary and car theft. For several years the authorities could not stop him, but one or two people kept an eye on the gang as they brought in cars and changed number plates. Ioan Richard was nowhere to be seen. The Community Council and police are gravely at fault first for allowing this to happen and secondly for failing to stop the wave of crime that followed. The County Councillor Ioan Richard was ineffective. Cars and houses were broken in to by the Morris gang more or less at will. Stolen cars were burnt on the mountain more or less at will. Richard is particularly at fault because fifteen years before being given a flat here Morris had been convicted of armed robbery, using a club in much the same way as the four brutal murders in Clydach. Apparently he clubbed a victim while he was here in Craig Cefn Parc. The Community Council and police surely knew about this criminal record. Morris was given the flat because his common law wife was housed in Craig Cefn Parc. Very probably, she was the one who ran down the road when the Morris gang crashed into a bridge, witnessed by half a dozen people, myself included. Sixty years ago this was a peaceful Welsh speaking community in which there was one policeman on a bike who never made any arrests. Nearly everyone spoke Welsh. It is a community that has been deliberately destroyed. When Richard claims that crime in Mawr is no different from crime elsewhere he is covering up the entire Morris era. It is impossible for him to cover up the massive international publicity that followed the brutal murders. This is part of the reason why I think that Mawr should be taken over directly by the Assembly and three Welsh language schools established once again. Its accounts would be straightened out. Richard covers up my autobiography, which he tried to prevent from being published. This describes Craig Cefn Parc Primary and Elim in accurate detail. It is now a classic read worldwide and cannot be covered up. Those responsible for this crime against human rights are excommunicate and anathema.

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