Advising Assemblies and Governments

My colleagues and I at AIAS / UPITEC advise all sectors continuously from our websites. The current rate of consultation is three million hits a year. We advise all sectors in two hundred countries and territories worldwide: assemblies and parliaments, universities, institutes, corporations, organizations, military facilities, and millions of individuals. This is very well known in the scientific world. Richard and pals deliberately ignore these accurate scientometrics, so they are totally ignored in turn. Among this tidal wave of interest are many organizations in Wales, although it is still not allowed to join the United Nations. This is profoundly satisfactory, because I am still locked out from employment for criticising the University in 1977. This mediaeval corruption must be reformed, together with a mediaeval land practice. If I criticized Richard I would be arrested, according to his fantasy. Fortunately he is not Thomas Cromwell Earl of Essex, expert at false accusation, executed by my ancestral cousin Henry VIII Tudor. Thomas Cromwell (no relation) is not to be confused with my ancestral cousin Oliver Cromwell Lord Protector, a prominent member of the Republic of 1649. He dissolved Parliament in 1653 and became Lord Protector, refusing to become King. Intellectually I descend from the Anabaptists, who were severely persecuted by Charles 1st and Cromwell, both my ancestral cousins. False accusation is a favourite pastime of small dictators, but then they get shortened in the Tower by bigger dictators. See Christopher Hill, “God’s Englishman, Oliver Cromwell and the English Revolution” (Master of Balliol College Oxford and Marxist historian). Oliver Cromwell was descended from the Tudors and my own ancestor, Tewdwr Mawr ap Cadell, King of the southern regions of Wales. The entire Morgan Awbrey Family are Tudors.

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