Tracing the Author of the Hate Letter

New advances in DNA technology might make it possible to trace the author of a hate letter that was sent to me recently. It was anonymous and I analyzed its handwriting in great detail. The Neath Hate Crime Unit opened an investigation and samples were taken away for forensic analysis. However the investigation was suddenly stopped. I was just told that the police had no money to conduct the investigation. I was told by the Neath Hate Crime Unit that it had received e mails from members of Mawr community council. I think I may be able to analyze the samples in my possession using the new technique of touch DNA. For example the samples could be sent to DNA forensic specialists such as Ryan Forensic DNA Consultations. If the DNA on the two samples are the same then we have got the author. In touch DNA the sample of a few nanograms is amplified by polymerase chain reaction. Anyone who touches a piece of paper leaves a few skin cells with DNA in them. One nanogram of DNA is 5 – 30 skin cells. I will write to the Home Office to have the case reopened and switched to another, impartial police force.

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