Book of Scientometrics Volume Two Updated to 15/1/19

This is the half monthly update showing the usual intense international interest. This has been sustained at a very intense level for almost sixteen years, since daily records began in April 2004. The book also summarizes the interest in the world’s top twenty universities ranked by Webometrics, Times, QS and Shanghai. In the last two weeks there were consultations from Caltech, Princeton, MIT, EPF Lausanne and Oxford from the world’s top twenty. Note carefully that the Book of Scientometrics records only about 2% of the vast total interest in ECE and the work of the colleagues and myself at AIAS / UPITEC. This has become the consulting institute for the world’s best from all sectors, notably universities, institutes, corporations, military facilities, government departments, organizations and literally millions of individuals in all of the world’s approximately two hundred countries and territories. About seven hundred papers and books have been produced since 2003, together with about six hundred essays and broadcasts designed for the general public, a film, “The Universe of Myron Evans”, a biography by Kerry Pendergast and two volumes to date of autobiography, together with three volumes of poetry. There are about three thousand five hundred items on, all items continuously consulted in two hundred countries and territories.The blog is consulted in 194 countries. There are 193 Member States of the United Nations and two Observer States. These broadcasts are also on youtube. The effect of spidering is filtered out by the feedback activity software, so all the interest is human and not machine generated. There is good agreement between Weblogs and Webalizer. In addition to this is a vast interest in, owned by Sean MacLachlan, and in, owned by Alex Hill. All three sites and blogs are archived on the Wayback Machine, This tide of acceptance has made the standard model of physics completely obsolete, it is now a pseudoscience riddled with unanswered refutations, and the ECE theory provides an understanding for badly needed sources of new energy. “One can resist armies, but not the march of ideas”, (Victor Hugo).


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