The Hamiltonians of Relativistic Quantum m Theory

This note shows that relativistic quantum m theory changes the Dirac theory (m(r) = 1) in many interesting ways, for example the energy levels of the H atom, the Zeeman effect structure, spin orbit fine structure and the second order effect in A. So the Dirac theory is generalized by the type of m space being considered, and this is a way of measuring the effect of general relativity on the structure of atoms and molecules, and on radiative corrections such as the g factor of the electron. In the Dirac theory ( m(r) = 1) the g factor is two exactly, but the m theory might well produce a different g factor. This would be a new way entirely of arriving at this famous radiative correction. The result is consistent with the fact that the Lamb shift has been derived from the spin connection in recent UFT papers and is consistent with the fundamental philosophy of ECE theory, that physics is Cartan geometry. The ECE wave equation for example is derived from the tetrad postulate and is a wave equation of general relativity. At a later stage the effect of a magnetic field will be considered. The m theory may well produce the Lamb shift, that needs some further work. It is well known that the Dirac theory (m(r) = 1) does not produce the Lamb shift. At this point I will write up UFT428 Sections 1 and 2.


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