Public Notice

The road between Pen yr Heol Fach and Fagwr Uchaf, then down into Craig Cefn Parc, is a private road, with a right of way for walkers and horse riders. Cars are not allowed on this road, with the exception of the cars of those who live in the three houses adjacent to Fagwr Uchaf, and for access for delivery of goods and similar. For many years, cars have been totally disregarding the notices that say that this is a private road. The rule is that if a gate is shut, it must be kept shut and not left open. I recall my father making a visit to Cefn Parc, the farm next to Fagwr Uchaf, when I was about eight or ten years old, it was my job to get out of the van and open and shut the gates because Cefn Parc is situated behind a large field. The name means just that “behind the field”. John Jones Pen yr Heol Fach is commemorated in my Third Book of Poetry, already a classic. His family were tenant farmers for 150 years, but when he died were told to get out within two or three months. This evil estate system must be abolished and a Land Act passed as in my petition with Sia^n Ifan of Llysgenhadaeth Owain Glyndw^r. The petition gathered a lot of support. Someone mentioned to me that the tenant farming system is so backward and primitive that it is like stepping back five hundred years in time. It is responsible for the complete destruction of Mynydd y Gwair by wind turbines. It cares nothing whatsoever for the Welsh language. John Jones died at the age of 94 and spoke a rare dialect. After he is gone, the Welsh language has disappeared from that immediate vicinity but is tenaciously kept alive by many in Mawr.

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