Further Criticisms of Mawr Community Council by the Auditor of the Welsh Assembly

1) I refer to Section 5 of the attached report: a) The Council has not learnt the lessons I identified in December 2011.
b) The Council is failing to comply with statutory obligations.
c) The relation between the Council and the Trust is inappropriate.
2) I refer to Section 7: The Council is failing the People of Mawr. In addition, the Report refers to many complaints received by the Audit Office. The Audit Office did not have the power to investigate these complaints but the police and other authorities do.

3) Ioan Richard is criticized severely several times in the report, for example for attempting to take arbitrary powers, or to define his role in an arbitrary way.

4) I refer to Section 64. The budget cut for 2012 – 2013 was unlawful.
5) I refer to Section 68. There was an application by the Community Council for 28 houses to be built. This was heavily opposed and from witnesses who talked to me about this affair there was an uproar after which Richard and a few of his faction resigned from the Community Council. These 28 houses would all have gone to English speakers, what is wanted in Mawr is emergency support for the Welsh language. Many of us native Welsh speakers demand our right to speak our own language.

6) I refer to Section 86. There was a complete breakdown in communications between Councillors. It looks to me as Armiger as if a faction tried to force through a completely destructive and unwanted development.
7) I refer to Sections 97 and 98: Phil Owen of Mawr Community Trust was not authorized to act on behalf of the Council, to pursue applications, or to pursue grants. A grant application by Owen and Cllr Williams was declared unlawful by the Auditor. So the police should investigate this. If something is unlawful the police have the statutory duty to investigate it. Judging by the large number of complaints received by the Auditor, and mentioned in the attached report, many other incidents must have occurred which angered the electorate.
8) I refer to to Section 126, the “smoking gun”, in which Ioan Richard is described by the Auditor as having no credibility, i.e. lying.
The impression I get from talking to a lot of people here is that no one has any trust in the Community Council, or politicians in general. I hear frequent complaints about Ioan Richard, and his language is resented throughout Wales, for example by the office of the M. P. for Meirionydd. Richard participated in one general election and came rock bottom, and there he stayed. He was never a coal miner, he was an underground fitter for a short while. He was reluctantly allowed to become Mayor of Swansea by rota, after years of being blocked. Big deal, every County Councillor becomes Mayor on rota. The resentment and anger against him boiled over and he resigned. He stayed on for a few years as County Councillor and is now long forgotten. I continue to fight against wind turbines.


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