Bid Ben Bid Bont day/Ystalyfera GS

Diolch yn fawr, many thanks. There were a few from Craig Cefn Parc who went to Ystalyfera, so if I see one or two I will tell them about “The Gathering of Lochiel”. Ystalyfera became a good Welsh medium school and despite all the attempts of the occupying Anglo Norman regime to destroy the Welsh language, many of us still speak Welsh in Mawr. I am inclined like Eic Davies no longer to speak English at all after the latest ethnic insults reported in “The Guardian”. Under my Bro Iaith policy this trend would be reversed. The vitally important Welsh medium primaries in Mawr have been destroyed in a great betrayal, so keeping the Welsh language alive becomes a matter of individual determination. The language has been heavily damaged by uncontrolled monoglot immigration and poor local government by Swansea. I describe Pontardawe Grammar School in volume one of my autobiography above my coat of arms on The destruction of the Welsh language is a severe and brutal violation of human rights, the worst in Europe. We have the ghastly spectacle of a chapel being turned into a boxing ring. I have more than metaphorically declared such people excommunicate and anathema. Of course I remember the physics classes by Mr Blackmore, they were a lot better than most university lectures. Elizabeth Bodycombe and I were certainly in those classes. By corrupt and ineluctable wisdom, the school was shut, vandalized and set on fire. With civilization like this, who needs the plague (Albert Camus)? My particular friends were from our class of 1961 to 1968: Neville Arrowsmith (Felindre), Leighton Carter and Lynne Evans (Cwmgors), Dai Daniels and a few others. There were two from Craig Cefn Parc, Huw Griffiths and myself. His older brother Ceri was also at Pontardawe, he had polio so he walked in an iron for a long time but recovered. I attach a book of englynion. Prif Fardd Emyr Lewis lives in Craig Cefn Parc and is a master of strict metre and free metre, having won the Chair and Crown at the National Eisteddfod. The englyn as you probably know is in strict metre with cynghanedd. Our friends here include international scientists, and cousins.

Myron Evans (Pontardawe 1961 – 1968)
(Prof. M. W. Evans, Uchelwr, Armiger or Squire, Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc., Ph. D., B. Sc. (Wales))

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I am sure you recall that many of our school friends didnt neccessarily go to Pontardawe Grammar school. There was another school up the valley called Ystalyfera and such was the closeness of the two schools that It has been sugested that any ex pupils of Ystalyfera may like to join us on the big day. So with that in mind if you know of any ex Ystalyfera pupils then please pass on the invitation.

You wil lneed to pass on that Adrian Thomas is the contact for Ystalyfera – david.t

Not long now!!!

John Davies


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