427(3): Quantization of m Theory in the H Atom

This is the first attempt at quantization of m theory following its rigorously consistent development on the classical level in immediately preceding notes and papers. The relativistic energy levels of the H atom in m theory are given by Eq. (16), in which the H atom wavefunctions can be used as a first approximation as in many previous papers. It is seen that the classical energy levels are all shifted to a different extent by m theory. It may also turn out from the computation that the energy levels are split, i.e. that the well known multiple degeneracy of Schroedinger’s H is lifted. In other words the energy levels may become dependent on l and m as well as on n. Furthermore the m theory may eventually lead to a new explanation for the Lamb shift, which is a difference in energy between 2S sub half and 2P sub half. This is because the Lamb shift is caused by vacuum energy in the form of fluctuating electric and magnetic fields of the vacuum. In order to achieve that result however, the present first attempt must be refined to include spin in the SU(2) basis. The m theory produces the spin connection and the vacuum force, so should be able to produce the Lamb shift. In fact the spin connection has already been used to describe the Lamb shift in recent UFT papers, so m theory has already produced the Lamb shift in one way. The concepts of ECE theory and m theory are rigorously self consistent over a span of 426 papers and books to date. About 300 have been translated into Spanish.


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