Section 3 of UFT 426

Many thanks! This is an excellent Section 3 which contains several remarkable results obtained by Horst Eckardt by highly skillful use of computer algebra. The great amount of code generated in this work is deposited in, so it can be checked and used by any reader. This is the first time that the Hamilton equations have been applied to ECE2, which in some ways can be regarded as special relativity in a space with finite torsion and curvature. The Hamilton equations are found to be rigorously self consistent with the Euler Lagrange equations, but have important advantages, notably the ability to give the action function, which quantizes to the reduced Planck constant h bar. The action function from the Hamilton equations is found for the first time using computer algebra and numerical integration. This paves the way towards a new type of relativistic quantum mechanics. A completely new and original explanation for light deflection by gravitation is found from the relativistic Hamilton equations. This gives a theoretical and rigorous justification for previous explanations of light deflection given in the UFT papers. The explanation by Einstein is completely wrong, and also very obscure, as shown in UFT150 to UFT155. When Einstein derived his field equation of 1915 the Cartan torsion was unknown, so the geometry used by Einstein is completely wrong. The new explanation of light deflection by gravitation is much simpler, and very powerful for this reason. It contains none of the magic mathematics used by Einstein (UFT150 to UFT155).

Section 3 of UFT 426

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On 1/7/2019 7:04 AM, Horst Eckardt wrote:
> I finished section 3 with a lot of computer algebra carried out in the
> background. The program code will be available on the UPITEC web site
> where Sean publishes it.
> Horst

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