Plans for UFT427

In Note 427(1) it was shown that the Hamilton equations in m space are self consistent with the Euler Lagrange equations in m space. Both formalisms give the same expression for force from m space (force due to the most general spherically symmetric space). This force is a new source of energy and can be trapped in repeatable and reproducble circuits such as the Ide circuit of UFT311, explained precisely with the ECE spin connection, and the reproducible and repeatable circuits built by the Muenich group and reported in UFT382 and UFT383. These are already classic papers, having been intensely studied. So in UFT427 it is planned to compute the action function for various m(r1) and to quantize the theory using Schroedinger quantization. The gravitational potential between m and M can be replaced with the potential energy between electron and proton in the H atom. This procedure should result in a new explanation for the Lamb shift in the H atom. In recent papers we have given several complementary explanations for the Lamb shift in terms of the spin connection of ECE2. It is now possible to derive the spin connection from the infinitesimal line element of the most general spherically symmetric space. Deviations from the Minkowski metric are a source of energy. Government and corporations should support this work and accelerate the implementation of energy from m space. The patented circuits are ready for mass production. The excess energy transferred to the circuit from m space should be used to power anything from an electric light bulb to a super tanker. All the theory and basic circuitry are in place due to the voluntary work of AIAS / UPITEC. This work is computer generated to a large extent, so is highly accurate and rigorously self consistent Much of the computer code is also publicly available on and

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