Reaction against Wikipedia’s Censorship and Defamation

The site lists hundreds of volumes and tens of thousands of pages which reject the standard model and which reject the distortions and defamation by Wikipedia, its attempts at reputation destruction and character assassination. The natural philosophy site carries my true CV. This was completely distorted by wikipedia and the Civil List Pension covered up. Trotsky disappeared from that photograph with Lenin. Stalin saw to that. The poet Ossip Mandelstam described Stalin as a yellow eyed, grubby fingered peasant slayer. Wikipedia also has yellow eyes, watching every dissident thought like a tiger. The original posting on ECE, put up by a person unknown, was mutilated by Akhlesh Lakhtakia (Science Guy on Wikipedia)and my CV so badly distorted that I finally succeeded in having it removed. Lakhtakia was caught sending ethnic hate mail against the People of Wales. We traced the origin to Penn State University Park, wher Lakhtakia works. Lakhtakia was talked to by the police but was not sacked and prosecuted as he should have been. So any attempt by Wikipedia to brand ECE as “pseudoscience” is ignored with seething anger in two hundred countries and territories. I call for a Parliamentary Inquiry into how Wikipedia targets leading thinkers and tries to destroy their reputations, families and lives. All of this calumny is now countered completely, but Jo McCarthy and Jo Stalin would have recognized the methods. No one should donate to the already filthy rich Wikipedia if it indulges in trying to destroy people’s lives.

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