Scientometrics for 2018

Many thanks, this is a very helpful explanation. By any measure the traffic to defies hyperbole, and so does the traffic to From time to time I post the feedback sites on the blog so they are archived by the Wayback Machine but still protected by username and password. The scientometrics show consultations from literally all the top ranked universities and institutes in the world, and similarly for corporations, government departments, organizations and individuals from all the countries and territories of the world, including Antarctica. The internet is more efficient than lecturing to the Adele Penguins in the middle of winter. The URL’s that can be identified from universities of the highest repute represent the peak of an Everest of interest because most staffs and students use private devices that cannot be identified. The fact that the interest has been sustained for more than sixteen years rules out the false and malicious accusations of pseudoscience. Wikipedia is being used to destroy reputations and it would be useful to hire a firm to remove this defamation, even though it has been ignored for years. Wikipedia should be investigated for deliberately trying to destroy reputations. The scientometrics are therefore accurate, and spidering is filtered out, so only human visits are counted. Many thanks indeed to all concerned for setting up the feedback sites for and

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