Eugene Parker & the solar wind

I would like to point out that momentum is not conserved in general, it is conserved in special relativity for example only for a free particle. The Evans Eckardt equations are always true and conserve the hamiltonian and angular momentum, dH / dt = 0 and dL / dt = 0. In general dp /dt is not zero, for orbits it is equal to – mMG / r squared. Robitaille and Crothers have discovered yet another flaw in the standard model, and we get the typical stonewalling. This is why much of standard physics has degenerated into pseudoscience which by now is very easy to refute. For example the Higgs boson is refuted in UFT225, which was sent to CERN. It failed to reply. At least this time Steve Crothers was not subjected to crude abuse.


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