ECE for the General Public

There are hundreds of essays and broadcasts on which are meant for the general public. Sometimes they use belles letters or prose poetry, sometime plain language. My third book of poetry uses belles lettres, and uses the magnificent cynghanedd technique of British Celtic. Cynghanedd is difficult, but a master like Dafydd ap Gwilym forgets the difficulty. Gerallt Lloyd Owen is another master, and so is Emyr Lewis on this listing. These essays and broadcasts have been read or listened to hundreds of thousands of times, broadast by Robert Cheshire, Alex Hill (in Castillian) and myself. As a puritan in science I actually advocate a rigorous mastery of the discipline. Practice the piano every day, otherwise the technique goes. One can hear this in recordings by Sviatislaw Richter of Opus 111 by Beethoven, a towering masterpiece. In my opinion there is Richter and there are all the others. Beethoven was also a one off job, considering the fact fact he lost his hearing. Dirac was once asked whether relativistic quantum mechanics could be understood by the general public, and he just said “no”, probably bored by the reporter. In the puritan sense this is right, but one can always listen to even the most ferociously difficult music without being to play the piano. There is no merit however in just being difficult. The art must surmount the difficulty.

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